This page is dedicated to those whom I love... for those of you who don't now who they are.... here's a run down...we'll start with

#1 Corey... this young man has a lot of pride behind him and it's well deserved.. talking with him opens my mind to both my humorous and my serious side... he's a great poet and a great person.. subway will have to do for now... and he knows what i'm talking about lol..

#2 Emily... now here's someone who can bring a smile to your face even though your having a bad day.. as i found out she is a very serious person when it comes to learning and studying... i need more time to learn more about her... but i would be confident enough to place a bet with anyone... betting that she can put a smile on anyone regardless to how mean they are..

#3 Megan... ohh boy now this one is a hand full.. this one owes me big time and she knows what i'm talking about... (cold water) lol. she is very competitive and by what i've seen this past weekend, she doesn't like to lose.."just like me" after all she and i are the middle ones in the family... she has a lot of spunk and determination.. and above all a great person to be with..

#4 Erin... this little lady can also make you smile.. my experience with her was i must say unique, but interesting.. she loves to draw and write but above all she really enjoys spelling words... and i mean "enjoys" spelling words... she also has a great interest in wrestling events and wrestlers... "just like me" i will keep my promise to her and send her what she wants and that would be WWF events.

#5 Aubrey... ok here goes... this one is by far one of the wildest child in this world... she is extremely smart for her age and is very cute too.. she is definitely a hand full too.. she's very energetic and a great girl.. she's shy at first but once she gets to know you she will be all over you.. believe me "i know" lol...

These five are the most beautiful group of kids that anyone could meet... until i see you guys again i want you all to remember this. I love you all.. you guys have showed me that everything in this world isn't the same.. and that you can find great people in strange once again "I LOVE YOU ALL"

A few lines that i will remember...
Corey... i'll remember that it always "DEPENDS"
Emily... you'll always love Bill
Megan... good morning "sunshine"
Erin... i'll bring those tickets..
Aubrey... i'll remember that you love to say "BOO"

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