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Miguel ~vs~ Fulldeath
Miguel Roman

Now here is a name that not only contains lies but anger as well...
When I decided to go by the name Mike instead of Miguel; everybody
thought that I was going through some sort of identity crisis, when
in actuality I was simply moving on, growing, evolving if you will...
The characteristics of Miguel were some-what lost after the age of
14. When my grandmother passed away 14 years ago everything that was
shown and expressed to me about "god" was shot to hell... All the
studying on the Bible and its beliefs to me are nothing more than
fairy tales & urban legends... Till this day there are many of my
family members that believe that "god" will be coming and will
proceed to pass judgement upon the living... Well for starters I
see "god" as nothing more than a bouncer asking for id to get into
heaven... When I came up with the name Fulldeath it felt good knowing
that I came up with a name that not only fit me well but summed up
all my reasoning to my lifestyle... I lost a few good friends due to
my lifestyle... They couldn't understand that just because I showed
them that I looked happy on the outside but that inreality I was
angry on the inside... I even went as far as to giving myself a
character to follow that would fit well in the "acceptance group"...
Most of them (my friends) knew that there was something behind the
scenes but were afraid to say anything... Some even went as far as
saying how can I feel, love and understand others without believing
in "god"... After hearing that I realized that my life was going to
be a rough one... It's easy, the way I see life and its purpose is
simple... I strongly believe that as long as I live my life to its'
entirety and manage to have all those that I left behind see that
life may be tough but you can always find a smile, laughter even
enjoyment in the most stressful situations... Returning to my
opinion on "god"... can you really believe that there is an
individual out there actually waiting for the right time to make his
grand appearance... I mean the thought alone reminds me of
the "Repoman" coming to pay me a visit... lol This world has, is,
and will continue to go through a lot of shit... So in there own ways
the human population needs to believe in something that will be much
better than what is going on presently... Well think about it, if the
human race didn't believe in such an individual where would they
be... I mean for people to follow a book like the Bible and basing
its' contents to the surroundings of every day life is simply
idiotic... You don't see me grabbing the latest edition of one of
Stephen King's novels and preaching something I know nothing of...
That's pretty much the sum of it... The two senarios are damn near
the same thing, if not exactly the same... The way I see the
whole "god" issue is simple... I'm sure most of you have seen the
commercial for the Snickers candy bar... right? Well take that and
add in the bs of god and the bible into the advertisement...
("Something that will satisfy you over till you die")