Please Read With Respect
Welcome to my first page where my friends can express
themselves how they feel about loved ones who have passed away..
IN MEMORY OF.... Jarvis....
Well this is not easy to write.. he was a
good friend to me. we both took the same automotive
class in high school.. we were friends for about a
month, but it felt like it was much longer than that..
we would joke around in the halls and tease some
of the cheerleaders. I remember this day as if it were
yesterday.. he gave me a rubber washer "the ones you
use in faucets to keep the water from leaking" he gave
me this washer and told me that someone like me deserves a good
woman to make me happy. I looked at him and said what am i
supposed to do with this. he replied "until you meet that special
someone... wear this". i looked at him and smiled.. well later on
that same month i found out that he was dead. when i asked how and
where.. his mom told me that he was playing a game called
Russian Roulette. My whole life before me felt like shit. here i
was thinking i was going to see him on monday morning.. i just
want him to know that i miss him so much.. i've been wearing the
very same rubber washer since then.. R.I.P. my friend....

IN MEMORY OF.... Adeleida.... from Roger Cubero
i knew her for about 4-5 years. when i first met her she thought
wrong of me, then things changed and she knew i wasn't bad as she
thought... she was my best friend's mother and she was like that to
me... i loved the woman even if she didn't love me back... she was
like my second mother.. we used to all go fishing and have a
really fun time... i can remember the times she used to get home from
work and we would be playing music and she would try to dance with us...
and we would all joke around and things changed, i didn't see her
or my friend for about 2 months, and out of the blue early in the
morning i get a call that she was in a car accident and that
she had passed away, in that moment in time i felt my heart
collapse and all i could do was cry... i cried for a couple days
straight thinking about the memories we had together. till this
day i still mourn her till the day i die... well that's all i can
say, i miss her a lot and forever will think about her... R.I.P.