Just Me

I Am The One Who Is Known As Fulldeath;
My Way So Complete In Itself From My
Left Hand I Produce Fire And From My
Right Does The Water Pour; From My
Breath The Perfect Pure-Word Issues
Forth Manifesting My True-Will And
Grounding My Wondrous Dreams...

Welcome to those who are here. My name
as you know is Fulldeath. This is
actually my first web page where I am
not hiding my true self. You will soon
read what my background was and still is.

For those who know me please try to
understand that the way I live my life
has nothing to do with the way I present
it to you. For those who don't know me;
you just might be able to relate to me.
Look; I'm the kind of guy who would go
to a cemetary in the middle of the
night when there's nobody around and
find the darkest spot in there and sit
for many hours just thinking about
things done and things to do. I finally
realized that by changing for the good
wasn't getting me anywhere. All it
brought me was even more problems. I
have returned to my roots and found
myself enjoying life as it comes to me.
For those of you who know me will try to change
me back but I'm sorry, if they even knew
what I've been through then they'll
understand why I went back to my old
ways. This is not a guilt trip or a plee
for pity because quite frankly I don't
need anyone feeling sorry for me or my
actions. For those who are my friends
now and choose to continue to be my
friends thanks but for those who don't
you know where you can go. I'm sure
there's a lot of people out there who in
some strange way can relate to me if not
then hey what can I say, I'm unique.

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