The look in your eyes and touch of your hands upon my face are like the sun setting on a beautiful day and a gentle breeze flowing ever so softly... Your voice is always confused for that of an angel's voice. Your love and companionship are two of the most treasured feelings that I keep within my heart... When I tell you that I love you it seems that mere words aren't enough for a person as wonderful as you... There are times that I find myself scared that all that I have been through with you is just a dream and that I will wake up and be back in CT totally lonely... My heart has never felt so complete. You and I have so much to see and do together... but you can rest assure that no matter what we end up doing it will be an experience that will be kept in my heart forever. Everytime I go home for lunch or at the end of the day, I know that I'm going to a home that will have a special soul waiting for me with open arms...



Fulldeath Enterprises

My Love, My SoulMate, My Lisa